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What Will Beyoncé’s Birthing Experience Be Like?

Singer Beyoncé arrives at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images.

Word has it that the long-awaited birth of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s miraculous pop child will occur in the very near future, perhaps even today. According to certain reports the couple may have rented out half of New York’s St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital’s fancy Labor and Delivery Suite for the big day. This got us wondering, what happens to all the other mothers welcoming newborns today at the same hospital as the baby Jay-Zus?

These new moms have lots of other options at St. Luke’s. The hospital has multiple birthing units depending on the mother’s needs and willingness to pay for amenities. While it’s not certain which of these options Beyoncé chose, the Birthing Center has a reputation for catering to celebrities due to its increased level of privacy and homey feel. The Center’s website describes its amenities in a way that makes it sound like a luxury hotel:

The birthing center rooms are homelike and beautiful, complete with hardwood floors, spa-sized jacuzzi and shower. Here, you may manage your own labor in the way that helps you most. Most women labor in a hydrotherapy tub and give birth in bed. There are no restrictions on the number or age of supporters that may share this experience with you.

The only drawback to this area is that epidurals are not administered; however, the regular delivery ward is only one floor away, so patients may be quickly moved there in the event of any complications.

The aforementioned Labor and Delivery Suite, where Beyoncé is allegedly staying, is another option, one which includes the possibility of drugs. More hotel-style descriptions courtesy of St. Luke’s:

All birthing rooms are single, and are attractively decorated in shades of pastel, with a television and telephone in every room. Each room boasts a panoramic view of midtown Manhattan or of the Hudson River. Our labor floor is continuously staffed by an obstetrics team of five physicians, who are there to assist your personal physician or midwife. In addition, at least one specialist in high-risk pregnancy is always available.

We’re waiting on St. Luke’s press department to let us know how many women the hospital can accommodate in total, and we’ll update this post as soon as we get that information. Either way, we can rest assured that the Babyoncé will not want for anything while she’s coming out of the womb.