The XX Factor

We’re Giving Away Ten Tickets to the “Men Are Finished” Debate in New York!

Photo illustration of a large woman and a very small man by Hemera.

This Tuesday, Sept.* 20, at NYU’s Skirball Center in New York City, Slate’s Hanna Rosin will be debating the proposition “men are finished.” Hanna and legal analyst Dan Abrams will be arguing in the affirmative (men are so over!) while feminist scholar Christina Hoff Sommers and Men’s Health EIC David Zinczenko will argue in the negative. The reception starts at 5:45 p.m., and the debate will commence at 6:45. We’re giving away 10 tickets to the first 10 lucky readers who email with the words “Men Are Finished” in the subject line. We’ll inform the winners via email with more details.

*The original version of this post said the event was Oct. 20. It is Sept. 20.