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The Sperminator

Jess , you’re so right about the psychic cost Maria Shriver must have incurred to help her husband, Arnold Schwarzenegger, survive politically the allegations (which he basically acknowledged were true) that he groped women. There’s a study that says the Mongol conqueror Genghis Khan (not to be confused with disgraced IMF chief Dominque Strauss-Kahn ) impregnated so many women that he has 16 million descendants today.  Apparently, celebrities and politicians view themselves as the emperors of our day and all female flesh that comes into view is fair game. So now we-and Maria!-find out that more than 10 years ago he fathered a child with a member of the “household staff. ” Keep in mind the youngest of the four children of Schwarzenegger and Shriver is 13 years-old, so Arnold was impregnating a domestic employee around the same time Maria was having their last baby.

Usually when a babysitter or maid gets knocked up by the man of the house the employee is paid off and goes off. But this woman just recently retired after 20 years of “service” to the family. She was married at the time of the birth of her child by Schwarzenegger and apparently pretended her husband was the father, although Schwarzenegger helped financially support the child. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times before Schwarzenegger owned up, she denied he was the father, so we don’t even know if the child has only just discovered his or her true paternity.  Surely, however, the offspring of a devoted member of the household staff was well-known to the entire family. I bet Maria gave the woman a gift at the time of the birth and noted the child’s birthdays.  Now the Schwarzenegger children find out that “X” is really their half-brother or sister.  Impregnating a household employee is shameful. Hiding the existence of one’s child for convenience’s sake is vile.