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Rush Limbaugh Punks Lamestream Media

I have to admit I initially wasn’t sure what to make of Rush Limbaugh’s over-the-top praise for President Obama’s decision to have Bin Laden whacked and dumped in the ocean wearing a pair of cement shoes. But the longer Limbaugh went on, the more I was willing to believe anything – that Martians had abducted the real Limbaugh and replaced him with a pod person, that he had relapsed and was abusing Oxycontin again or had moved on to methamphetamines – other than that he was actually being sincere.

Of course he was not . Ha, ha. So smart that brilliant bloviator . So embarrassingly gullible the leftie media .

What Limbaugh doesn’t get is that the joke is on him and always will be, because most Americans disdain his brand of political commentary despite his popularity with like-minded haters and misinformed crazies. That’s why Obama won election and McCain/Palin did not, and that’s why Michele Bachmann and Donald Trump don’t stand a chance against Obama in 2012. (Still, I pray every day that they will run anyway.)

President Obama is being praised around the country for getting Bin Laden and that love is going to translate into improved approval ratings. Last I checked revelers at impromptu street celebrations around the country weren’t chanting Limbaugh’s name, they were cheering on their president.

Limbaugh can make fun of President Obama all day long but he’ll never get as many laughs as the president got for making goodhearted fun of himself last weekend , or as much good will as he got for including former President Bush in the Bin Laden afterglow and letting Bush share some of the credit for taking him down. That’s the kind of magnanimity that people like Karl Rove and Limbaugh aren’t capable of showing.