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Gloria Allred Hosts Bizarre Press Conference with Little Girls and Lewd Gestures

In a New York Times profile of Gloria Allred from last year , the lawyer was described as either “a feminist avenging crusader or a deluxe ambulance chaser catching a ride on the latest tabloid scandal,” depending on one’s perspective. It would be tough for anyone to see her most recent foray into the spotlight- representing a family with two nine-year-old girls who were heckled with rude gay slurs by Atlanta Braves coach Roger McDowell -as anything but a bizarre and cynical move for attention on Allred’s part.

To recap: At a Giants game in San Francisco, McDowell allegedly said something homophobic in front of the little girls and their parents and then simulated sex with a baseball bat and his hand. In a press conference, Allred demanded an apology on behalf of the family . Of course McDowell should apologize for his awful behavior (which he did: “”I am deeply sorry that I responded to the heckling fans in San Francisco on Saturday. I apologize to everyone for my actions.”) But why did this family need a tabloid lawyer to hold a press conference to get this apology? And furthermore: Why did the little girls who were heckled need to be present at said press conference? And one more thing: Why did Gloria Allred also simulate sex with a baseball bat in front of the little girls in front of an audience???

You can watch all of Allred’s shenanigans by clicking here . I’m no child expert, but somehow it seems like watching some weird lady pretend that a baseball bat is a penis in front of a bunch of reporters is more scarring than the initial heckling by McDowell ever could have been.

Photograph of Attorney Gloria Allred by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images.