The XX Factor

Snakebit Breast

The saga of Israeli model Orit Fox and snake is one of those alternate histories that make you realize how one little change could have made the world a different place. In this video , Fox is luridly French kissing a snake when the creature lunges and sticks its fangs into her surgically enhanced chest. After a visit to the hospital and a tetanus shot Fox emerged fine. However,  according to news reports, ingestion of Fox’s silicone was deadly for the snake.

Now maybe this is all a publicity stunt and Fox is crazy like a fox. But I prefer to think of it as a modern re-telling of the Garden of Eden story. The events even take place in a Biblical land. In this version the snake still has malign intent for Eve, but instead of their interaction resulting in humans being expelled from the garden, the snake bites the dust. That would mean we’d all still be gallivanting around the garden! No clothes to hide our shame! No pain from childbirth! No working for our bread! If only we’d had Orit instead of Eve.