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Jodie Foster Stands Up for Mel Gibson, Works with Roman Polanski

Jodie Foster is currently doing press for the movie she directed that is appearing at SXSW- The Beaver , starring Mel Gibson as a man who relates to his family through a beaver hand puppet (trailer below). Despite Mel Gibson’s racist outbursts and the allegations of domestic violence lodged against him, Foster continues to stand up for him in this interview with the Hollywood Reporter . New York Magazine ‘s Vulture blo g has some of the best quotes from that HR piece, but here’s the money shot: “He’s so incredibly loving and sensitive,” Foster says. “He really is. He is the most loved actor I have ever worked with on a movie.” I don’t even think she’s lying-I’ve heard other actors who have worked with Mel (specifically Stephen Tobolowsky) say how lovely Mel was to work with. But it does show the remarkable amount of insulation involved in the Hollywood bubble to call Gibson “the most loved actor I have ever worked with,” at this point in his career.

Another embattled star that Foster has no problem working with: Convicted rapist Roman Polanski*. “That’s not my business,” Foster says of Polanski’s past transgressions. It’s usually disappointing to expect celebrities to live up to some preconceived notions that you might have of them, but as someone who previously held Jodie Foster in high regard, my opinion of her has certainly taken a hit.

*Clarification, March 16, 2011 : The original version of this post referred to Polanski as an accused rapist. He is both accused and convicted.