Clean Plate

Feb. 9: What I Ate. Hunger Back With a Vengeance.

True confessions: I woke up at 3 a.m. hungry. I ate two bowls of yogurt with strawberry butter—the second with Grape-Nuts, too. No pictures. My husband was sleeping and my gear was in the other room. This is good. It means I’m feeling better.

Daytime breakfast: wheat berries, blueberries, walnuts, skim milk. I feel like George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life when he returns from bizarro-world Bedford Falls to find the town he knows and loves . Hi, you wonderful old blueberries! I love you!

Boy was I hungry today. Apparently three breakfasts wasn’t going to do it. So here is the next one: gluten-free bread toasted with almond butter and strawberry butter. I wanted regular cow butter but figured a protein-rich nut butter would be a healthier and more filling choice.

Hello, you big mutant out-of-season strawberries! I could kiss you!

Sugar-snap peas. Because they are green and I was too lazy and busy to eat a real meal yet.

Lunch: more curried black-eyed pea stew. I know it doesn’t look like much, but it’s quite delicious. There are more wheat berries hidden under there.

Oh, bananas, how I’ve missed you! Well what do you know about that?!

More true confessions: I had a little ramekin full of pecans that I neglected to photograph. I’m telling you, I was hungry today. And then I was done being hungry, but I still had to make dinner: pureed white-bean dip (right; a Mark Bittman recipe recommended by commenter kcar1), tabouli (left; also Bittman), babaganoush (bottom) that didn’t come out well so I chucked it, and leftover hummus that I didn’t make, with little pitas and vegetables. I was no longer hungry so I didn’t eat that much. I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of some of these later this week.

And today’s evaluation:

Healthy? Pretty much, except that strawberry butter is just another sugar-delivery system. I can’t seem to do without sweets of some kind.

Financially smart? Aside from my happy reunion with my usual fruits, I’m still living off last week’s groceries. The fruits were not the most economical purchases, being out of season and all.

Slowness and mindfulness? Well, I certainly taste and enjoy my food, but I’ve not been putting much effort into eating slowly. Sugar snap peas are kind of fun and easy to eat slowly.

Satisfying? For the most part. I haven’t really been planning new meals so much as finishing old ones. Dinner wasn’t as good as I’d hoped.

Environmentally friendly/local or organic? No. (Shame, shame.)

Tomorrow I hope to announce the winner of the Slate Clean Plate Challenge ! And I plan to eat the winning menu on Friday or Saturday.