Clean Plate

Feb. 8: What I Ate. Yes, You Will Be Seeing Many Leftovers This Week.

Breakfast: wheat berries, apple butter, skim milk.

Lunch No. 1: leftover root vegetable couscous, Twinings English breakfast tea with lemon.

Lunch No. 2: leftover curried black-eyed pea stew with mushrooms and tomatoes, barley, leftover gluten-free pizza crust, water.

Snack/dessert: banana.

Dinner: I tried to make this Jicama, Grapefruit, and Pepita Salad With Cilantro-Lime Dressing . It didn’t come out very well. I used daikon instead of jicama, pomelo instead of grapefruit, blood orange, Romaine and arugula. I wasn’t quite up for it–not feeling quite well enough to prepare it or to eat it. Or maybe it’s the wrong season. The pomelo was good.


Healthy? Overall, the day looks a little heavy on grains, though they were all good grains. Apple butter is probably not the best choice, since it’s really just concentrated fruit–concentrated sugar. I already discussed milk in yesterday’s eating. Pretty low on green vegetables and variety too.

Smart shopping? Apple butter not as economical as fruit. Wheat berries and apple butter came from a rather pricey store. Couscous ingredients from FreshDirect, thus not the best buy. Avocado and pomelo not the most cost-effective ingredients. Black-eyed peas came from a can; not as inexpensive as dried beans. Cremini mushrooms not the least expensive choice. Then again, aside from the banana, these were all purchased last week, when economy wasn’t the goal.

Slowness/mindfulness? Nope.

Satisfying? All good until dinner.

Environmentally friendly? Not really, aside from the meatlessness. The milk is local.

I’m not quite on the ball this week yet.