Clean Plate

Feb. 3: What I Ate. What’s a White Sapote?

For breakfast, a different grain: barley with raisins and skim milk. I wasn’t sure barley is so nutty and savory but it was good. Not as good as wheat berries, of course. Notice I held off on the apple butter.

All the exotic fruits I bought are not being consumed fast enough and are getting soft. This is a white sapote fruit . It was a bit overripe, but unusual takes like a pear but texture is kind of like an avocado combined with a peach.

The hunger began but work was busy, so the snacking began. Lots of leftovers and things you’ve seen before coming up.


Wild rice and cranberry salad. Still delicious.

Brussels sprouts:

Someone suggested I try other brands of yogurt, such as this one: Siggi’s. I’ve actually had this before, but I was so sugar-saturated then I couldn’t taste the pomegranate and passionfruit flavor, but this time it tasted really good, yet subtle. Also, very rich, which encouraged eating slowly.

Then leftover tofu, asparagus, mushroom, and pepper stir-fry over red quinoa. Much better as leftovers especially the quinoa. Usually when I cook I take a shower before eating to get the smell off of me. Otherwise I don’t quite taste the food fully. No time to shower the other night when I made this, and I didn’t really love this dish then, but today it hit the spot.

Thursday tiredness was setting in or maybe I’m coming down with another cold (it’s been a tough winter in New York). I was still hungry, so I tried these waffles, dry (not even with apple butter!). They’re gluten-free. In the interest of trying to avoid wheat this week, I bought a few gluten-free products. These were grainy, but they squashed the hunger.

And that was it. My husband reminded me he was going out with a friend tonight, I was no longer hungry, and I was tired, so I skipped dinner. Boring, I know. Hopefully I’ll make something new and exciting tomorrow. I bought some garam masala today.