Clean Plate

Feb. 13: What I Ate. Twice Is Nice.

Breakfast yesterday was so nice, I had it twice: skim milk, wheat berries, apples, raisins, cinnamon, walnuts, apple butter.

Lunch: whole-wheat gnocchi (bought) with marinara (bought) and grated parmesan, broccolette and garlic sauteed in oil.

A Cara Cara orange for dessert.

And lunch was so nice I had it twice.

For dessert: Siggi’s pomegranate and passionfruit yogurt with strawberry butter.


Healthy? Gnocchi = very starchy, but at least it was whole-wheat. Since I bought the gnocchi and marinara, I can’t really be sure what is in them and in what quantity.

Financially smart? Premade foods are not the least expensive option.

Slowness and mindfulness? Lunch I scarfed because I was starving and I had to be somewhere. The rest I ate at my “normal” speed.

Satisfying? Very. Everything was delicious, especially the broccolette.

Environmentally-friendly: local or organic? No.