Clean Plate

Feb. 10: What I Ate. Dog Kibble and Halloween Soup?

Uh-oh, I’m in trouble. I had to leave the house at 7:45 a.m. and I felt too nauseated to eat, so I brought breakfast with me. I got hungry around 9:15 a.m., but I was out and about and couldn’t eat until I got to the office. This is Kashi GoLean cereal with skim milk. Kinda looks like dog kibble, no?

Berries and yogurt shortly after. I tried a different kind of Greek yogurt: Chobani. Not bad, but so expensive!

For lunch, I finally killed the curried black-eyed pea stew. This is a lot of food. That’s a 3-cup container. It probably could have been two meals, but I was intent on killing it today. I brought it all, thinking I wouldn’t eat it all, but then I did. There’s leftover bulghur wheat under there too. Quite filling.

Some cucumber spears for the crunch and the green:

And a delightful banana:

For dinner I made black-bean soup, since I’m going to have to eat it for breakfast, too . Here’s one great way I mess up recipes: I decided I should halve every recipe like this one because I end up with leftovers forever (and my freezer can only hold so much). So I commenced to halve it, but then forgot halfway through with some ingredients. So: too much water, not enough beans. It was still pretty good, though. That’s low-fat sour cream and blue-corn tortilla chips on top. It looks like Halloween in a bowl.


Healthy? Looks pretty good to me, except it doesn’t look like a lot of food now. Could do better on the vegetable front.

Financially smart? The yogurt was pricey. Still eating the out-of-season berries. However, leftovers and large pots of bean-based meals are obviously good for the wallet.

Slowness and mindfulness? Not so much, but it did take me forever to eat all those beans for lunch.

Satisfying? Quite.

Environmentally friendly/local or organic? The black beans were organic. So was the sour cream.