The XX Factor

Chris Lee Scandal Falls Short

Rep. Christopher Lee ( sadly, no relation ), the newest entry on the ever-growing list of “family values” conservatives not living by the rules they hold for everyone else, will mainly be noted for the short length of time between scandal and resignation .  And for the humor value of seeing a congressman strike the “half naked in a mirror” pose that’s mostly associated with high school girls on Facebook, though he honestly doesn’t have too much to feel bad about.  He works out, for one thing, and he didn’t pull his penis out or pose in Spandex , which makes his picture look quaintly dignified next to the competition.

But c’mon, this barely counts as a sex scandal in the annals of conservative sex scandals!  Where are the prostitutes?  The diapers ? The meth use with gay prostitutes ? The teenage boys The mysterious disappearances The anonymous sex in airport bathrooms ? The Viagra-and-dildo sex kits ?  Cheating on your wife on Craigslist is amateur hour when you’re a hypocritical conservative making a boneheaded mistake. Lee probably shouldn’t have resigned.  If David Vitter can survive wearing-diapers-while-banging-a-prostitute-with-the-same-name-as-your-wife, then this garden-variety cheating shouldn’t be a big thing.