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Will Linda McMahon Run for Joe Lieberman’s Senate Seat?

Linda McMahon coyly won’t say whether she’ll run for the Connecticut Senate seat that Joe Lieberman is vacating. Please. Of course she will. Why else was she all over my TV screen after she dropped $50 million in losing her Senate bid in November to Democrat Richard Blumenthal? In her post-election ads, McMahon, the Republican with the World Wrestling Entertainment empire, sat primly in front of rows of what ooked like legal textbooks and thanked Connecticut voters for getting to know her. You’re welcome. Now can you go away?

Rob Simmons, the former Republican Congressman who lost that Republican Senate nomination to McMahon, to his great chagrin, is already trying to head off McMahon this time around–or rather, head off the GOP from deferring to her money. Simmons asks whether “my party, nationally or statewide, is still in a millionaires-only mode.” Good question.

Photograph of Linda McMahon by Richard Messina-Pool/Getty Images.