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What We’re Talking About: Brett Favre’s Lawsuit, the House Freshman’s Party, and Sarah Palin’s “Homo” Tweet

-Jets quarterback Brett Favre has been sued for sexual harassment by two Jets massage therapists. [ New York Magazine ]

-TV and film actress Anne Francis of Forbidden Planet died on Sunday at 80 . [ New York Times ]

-House freshman Jeff Dunham ‘s lavish party for GOP freshman is not the image that the GOP wants to portray of itself, but it’s good for Dunham’s status as a party rainmaker. [ Politico ]

-The Naval officer who made and distributed lewd videos aboard the USS Enterprise will probably be released , officials say. [ MSNBC ]

-Did Sarah Palin really re-tweet something about “homos” ? [ Gawker ]

-Are rehab shows like Intervention or Celebrity Rehab helpful or exploitative? [ LA Times ]

-A small percentage of teens with STIs say that they’ve never even had sex . [ Washington Post ]

Photograph of Anne Francis by Getty Images.