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We’re Talking About: Female Writers at Magazines, Tiger Father, and The Feminine Mystique


- Rebecca Traister , writing in the New York Times, takes another look at The Feminine Mystique and its lack of popularity among minority and working-class women. [ New York Times ]

- The dearth of female bylines at highbrow magazines like The New Republic and The New Yorker is systemic, writes Elissa Strauss . [ Jezebel ] via [ The Sisterhood ]

- Lisa Miller of Newsweek argues that Tiger Dad’s minor role in Amy Chua’s book, Tiger Mother , may indicate his complicity in her child-rearing methods. [The Daily Beast ]

- As it prepares to attempt a repeal of health care legislation, the GOP has reinserted abortion into the bill as a tactic to rally the base. [ Politico ]