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We’re Talking About: Sarah Palin’s Defense of “Blood Libel,’ the “Wimpy” Amy Chua, and Nicole Kidman’s Baby

- “Tiger mother” Amy Chua would seem to be anything but wimpy, but David Brooks thinks otherwise . [ New York Times ]

- Sarah Palin defended her use of the term “blood libel” to Sean Hannity. [ Politico ]

- Prosecutors want to search the offices of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi , who is accused of sleeping with and financially supporting a number of prostitutes, some of whom may have been underage. [ New York Times ]

- A new government study finds that nearly half of Americans under 65 have pre-existing conditions . [ Washington Post ]

- There’s a reason Nicole Kidman didn’t look pregnant: Her new baby with Keith Urban was born to a surrogate. [ Babble ]

- Tired kids may become troubled teens: A new study shows that children who have sleep problems are more prone to mental illness down the line. [ Wall Street Journal ]

Photograph of Sarah Palin by Eric Thayer for Getty Images.