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We’re Talking About: Loughner’s Parents, Chinese Daughters, and the (Nonexistent?) Glass Ceiling

- Police say that they were called in to the home of Jared Loughner on multiple occasions before the shooting. [ New York Times ]

- It’s called the ” glass ceiling ,” the “sticky floor,” and the “maternal wall”… but is it actually holding women back? [ Washington Post ]

- The Guardian has released its list of the top 100 women for the 100th international women’s day, including Hillary Clinton , J.K. Rowling , and Aung San Suu Kyi . [ Guardian ]

- Is Amy Chua ‘s militaristic “Chinese ideal” of parenting truly superior? Chinese daughters speak out . [ New Yorker ]

- The ” sexy lesbian teacher ” fired for allegedly having sex with her co-“sexy lesbian teacher” is filing a lawsuit for wrongful determination. [ Gawker ]

- Jazz singer Margaret Whiting , known for her original recording of “Time After Time,” died at 86. [ New York Times ]

Photograph of Margaret Whiting by Evan Agostini for Getty Images.