The XX Factor

We’re Talking About Cowgirl Politicians, Modern Family, and Oprah’s Big Secret

- Sarah Palin , Gabrielle Giffords Annie Oakley ? What is America’s obsession with the rootin’ tootin’ female politician ? [ New York Times ]

- At 4 p.m. today Oprah will reveal her big secret that “shook her to the core.” What is it? [ CBS News ]

- In the wake of the shooting of a close friend, Kirsten Gillibrand may be an upcoming political heavyweight. [ Daily Beast ]

- What does Modern Family say about modern families ? [ New York Times ]

- Patricia Marx wanted a high-end lifestyle, so she decided to rent it . [ The New Yorker ]

- Over the holiday months, Scotland had a painfully high level of domestic abuse - approximately 154 cases reported per day. [ BBC News ]

- Women in Pennsylvania have alleged that abortions performed by Dr. Kermit Gossnell left them sterile and near death . [ AP ]

Photograph of Oprah by Frazer Harrison for Getty Images.