Clean Plate

Jan. 21: What I Ate: My Accidentally Near-Perfect Day

Oatmeal, raisins, and skim milk for breakfast. Time spent eating: 6:12. I decided to read an eating meditation from this book  to help me slow down. I know, technically I was multitasking.

Lunch No. 1: Frittata and spinach with olive oil and shredded cheese. Time spent eating: 10:23. I read the eating meditation instructions I linked to in Monday’s post .

Are you sick of my frittata yet? Too bad because I’m not. Don’t worry, there’s only one serving left. What should I put in next week’s frittata?

Lunch No. 2: Peanut butter and jam ( Sarabeth’s preserves –yum) on whole-wheat bread with skim milk. Time: 7:18.

Snack: An orange. Time: 6:32.

Snack No. 2: Granola. Time: 4 minutes.

Dinner: Fage Greek yogurt with Bob’s Red Mill muesli, berries, and pineapple. Time: 9:25.

I’ve gotten boring: same meals, different times. Today didn’t look balanced, so I tried to figure out what I was low on: probably protein and vegetables. To get another opinion, I analyzed my diet at MyPyramid and was shocked to find out that the numbers were incredibly close to what MyPyramid says they should be. (But, as I said before, this info must be taken with a grain of salt.)