Clean Plate

Eating With Children

You’ve no doubt noticed by now that I don’t have children. The upside to my unchilded state, in terms of eating, is that I have some semblance of control over my schedule, and I don’t have tempting kid foods in the house. Mealtimes aren’t stressful affairs full of negotiations, whining, or tears (usually). And, of course, taking care of my kitchen is much easier.

The downside is I don’t have to act as a role model. If I skip dinner, there’s no hungry child to make me feel guilty. If I feel like having cold pizza and chocolate cake for breakfast, I can.

If you have children, I know you are much busier than I am and that anything I complain about is petty compared with what you have to deal with every minute of every day. Since I am not experienced in combining healthy eating with children, I wouldn’t presume to offer advice, but I’m sure some of you have great thoughts and tips on this topic, so, please, discuss below.

How do your children affect your eating?