The XX Factor

Will Sarah Palin Move to Arizona?

Close on the heels of the news that Bristol Palin has purchased a house in Maricopa, Ariz.,  via Jezebel comes the speculation that perhaps she’ll be joined by other members of her family, including mother Sarah. Maybe the materfamilias just wants to keep tabs on her daughter while she’s enrolled at Arizona State (one rumored reason for the move), maybe it’s the sunshine, maybe it’s the draconian immigration laws. Or maybe she just wants to get out of a state where her charm has worn threadbare: The first clear indication that Alaska had turned on Palin was Lisa Murkowski’s Senate win over Palin’s pick, Joe Miller (today also brings news that  Murkowski will be finally certified as the winner ). And now a  new poll shows that in Sarah Palin’s Alaska, a full 58 percent of those polled have a negative view of her. Moreover, her Republican base is far less keen on her in Alaska than nationally, and independents REALLY dislike her there. Only in Massachusetts, of the ten states polled, was she more disliked than on her home turf. Even in a recent NBC/ WSJ poll in which Palin was the least liked of any public figure on the survey, that unfavorable rating stood at 50 percent. If she moves, perhaps absence will make the heart grow fonder, or maybe she’s going more for out-of-sight, out-of-mind. I wonder if Palin wouldn’t mind being out of the state by May 11, the date when the much-delayed, much anticipated release of the e-mails from her  time as the state’s governor has been scheduled.