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We’re Talking About: Ann Wagner and the Dangers of Just Being a Little Overweight

- Forget Sarah Palin. It’s Ann Wagner who very well could become the first woman elected head of the Republican National Committee. [ Daily Beast ]

- For years, Baltimore had one of the worst school systems in the country. But since Andres Alonso’s drastic reorganization , things are starting to look up. [ New York Times ]

- A man apparently linked to the killing of Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen shot himself on Wednesday evening as the police tried to carry out a search at the apartment building where he was staying. [ New York Times ]

- Elizabeth Smart stormed from a Utah courtroom Wednesday as a psychiatrist testified that her alleged attacker had been motivated by a desire to have children and create a new race in an imaginary Zion. [ Washington Post ]

- One of the largest studies to look at health and weight finds that you don’t exactly have to be obese to raise your risk of premature death. Being a little overweight is risky, too. [ Washington Post ]

Photograph of a young overweight girl by John Moore/Getty Images.