The XX Factor

Probably a Mistake

Ginni Thomas is now saying it was ” probably a mistake ” for her to leave a recent phone message on Anita Hill’s office answering machine asking her to apologize to her husband, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. I think Ginni Thomas is onto something. Her early-morning dialing should go on a list of things people have done that were also “probably a mistake.” For example, it was probably a mistake for Justice Thomas to mention he thought there was a pubic hair on his Coke can. It was probably a mistake for George W. Bush to pose in front of a “Mission Accomplished” sign just before the Iraq war went bad. Probably a mistake for Bill Clinton to notice Monica Lewinsky’s thong. Also probably a mistake for Barack Obama to use “guns,” “cling,” and “religion” in the same sentence. I think, however, we can assume Ginni Thomas will not try to right her mistake by apologizing to Hill for making that insulting and intrusive phone call.

Photograph of Anita Hill by Scott Wintrow for Getty Images.