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We’re Talking About: Marco Rubio, the Possible Dangers of Hair Relaxing, and Pelosi’s Next Move

- For many Tea Party conservatives, Hispanics, and young Americans frustrated with the national debt, Marco Rubio ‘s victory in Florida was an extra reason to celebrate. [ New York Times ]

- The fiery and ever unpredictable tea party favorite Michele Bachmann is trying to make a contest out of the battle for the Republican Conference chairmanship. [ Politico ]

- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may have lost her gavel at the midterms , but sources say she is everything but done fighting. [ The Daily Beast ]

- Like the “permanents” that were once the height of fashion, converting frizzy hair into smooth locks produces unpleasant odors . But is it dangerous, especially to the stylists who apply the product repeatedly? [ New York Times ]

- A handful of colleges now offer classes entirely devoted to the overweight and obese. [ The Daily Beast ]

- According to a recent study, Neanderthal finger length among Stone Age humans indicates that they were far more promiscuous than humans are today. [ Newser ]

Photograph of Marco Rubio by Getty Images.