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We’re Talking About: Brazil’s First Female President, Bromance in the U.K., and the Candidate Named Pro-Life

-Brazil elected its first female president , Dilma Rousseff , yesterday. [ New York Times ]

-The Washington Post has debunked five myths about female candidates. (We hope those two are mutually exclusive.)* [ Washington Post ]

-For Tea Partiers who make it to Congress and want to continue their constitutional education, Michele Bachmann will set up constitutional classes on Capitol Hill. [ Politico ]

-In Idaho, a gubernatorial candidate has changed his name from Marvin Richardson to Pro-Life . [ The Daily Beast ]

-A new study released shows that many straight British men feel comfortable asexually kissing their male friends. [ The Atlantic ]

-Where have all the good girls gone? The Glee stars have taken their wholesome image into their own hands like the innocent superstars of history: Britney Spears , Christina Aguilera , and Miley Cyrus . [ New York Times ]

Photograph of Dilma Rousseff by Jefferson Barnardes for Getty Images.

*Correction, Nov. 2. This post originally incorrectly quoted from a Washington Post article, mischaracterizing a myth about this year’s female candidates as being “extra-feminist” instead of “extra-extremist.”