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We’re Talking About: Amanda Knox’s Defense, Airline Security, and Kate Middleton’s Future Plans

- Throughout her career in the publishing industry, Cathie Black , who is Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s choice to be the next chancellor of the New York City public school system, has managed to break numerous glass ceilings with quick and definitive decision-making and crystal-clear goal setting. [ New York Times ]

- The lawyers for Amanda Knox , who was convicted of murdering her roommate in Italy last year, have assembled a sharp appeal that could retry the case from top to bottom. [ The Daily Beast ]

- The government asks for patience as airport travelers continue to complain about feeling humiliated over the more aggressive security measures. [ New York Times ]

- Citing a city official, the Hollywood Reporter reports that the shooting of Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen was planned in advance and “not the result of road rage or a carjacking gone awry.” [ Gawker ]

- Kate Middleton will not forge a role as a working princess immediately after she marries, fuelling speculation that she and Prince William plan to start a family straight away. [ Daily Mail ]

Photograph of Amanda Knox from December 2009 by Alberto Pizzoli/Getty Images.