The XX Factor

No, This Was O’Donnell’s Best Line

At the risk of piling on: Hanna and Noreen , you’re both wrong. The best part of Christine O’Donnell’s nonconcession concession speech was the part where she said she’d spoken with Democrat Chris Coons, presumably to congratulate him, and asked him to watch her 30-minute video. This would be “We the People of the First State,” the Obama-style campaign video her team produced as a last-ditch effort to woo voters and had so much trouble getting on the air in the days leading up to the election. First they neglected to buy air time far enough in advance. Then they apparently missed a deadline in getting it to a public access station. O’Donnell took to tweeting about the problem in frustration. (“We are told channel 28 ‘forgot’ to air it…both times.”) The election may be over, but O’Donnell is bound and determined that someone watch that darn thing.