The XX Factor

Hillary Clinton, Funny Girl

As dissected, sliced, and diced as has been Secretary of State Clinton, somehow we never got the impression she was a very warm person. Supporters’ and confidantes’ assurances to the media that she was indeed warm and even rowdy in private never quite convinced, not that it could, given the political climate which has always surrounded the Clintons. I remember being happily surprised once to read that she often left friends or staff with a homey, “Okey dokey artichokey.” Still, though, “warm” and “funny” were not words that came to mind in assessing the personae that both she and her enemies have constructed for her. So, what a nice surprise to run across a funny interview she gave to Hamish & Andy , an Australian radio comedy team.

It takes nerve to appear on a show with a sharp comedian, let alone two. It takes even more nerve to attempt humor rather than take the safe road and act as straight man/good-natured punching bag; Clinton nailed the funny. I actually sleuthed around a little because I thought there might be punking afoot, but it’s legit; sister knows how to let her hair down. Check out the schtick about her and the husband negotiating over dinner choices and especially how she plays along with the hosts’ bit lampooning all the kumbaya social-uplift programs going on around the world (end of transcript).

Hate Clinton or love her, but imagine Sarah Palin’s “answers” to the hosts “questions.” Call me a hater, but my money says Palin would have never known it was a comedy show.

Photograph of Hilary Clinton by Scott Barbour for Getty Images.