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Fathers and Sons in the Kitchen on Thanksgiving

In the article we ran on Tuesday about passing Thanksgiving traditions down from mother to daughter , we neglected all the fabulous fathers and sons out there cooking up a storm in their respective kitchens. When Hanna was on the Brian Lehrer Show this morning discussing the article , men called in to tell her about their traditions, too, and some great guys were kind enough to share their stories in the comments. One reader shared this lovely tale:

As the oldest child, I started cooking when my Mom went back to school in the 70’s to finish her degree and re-enter the workforce. She would leave instructions that I would follow every day after school. I’ve enjoyed cooking ever since.

As I got older, Thanksgivings and Christmas became the time that i worked with her in the kitchen. She did most of the work, but she let me help. It something I always remember and treasure. Now that she’s gone, I try to carry on with my daughters.

Tomorrow I’ll do dinner for 23 at our home. And try to make her proud.

And with that bit of sweetness, we wish you a happy turkey day!