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Barbara Bush Negs Sarah Palin During Larry King Interview

Barbara Bush and former president George H.W. Bush sat down recently with Larry King (in a living room that looks custom built for an elderly Canasta club). Shortly after H.W. offered some rather inarticulate thoughts on the Tea Party, namely they have some “ideas that make a lot of sense” but “I don’t know what it really is,” King turned the conversation to the ever-present topic of Sarah Palin. Barbara Bush had this to say about the former-vice-presidential nominee-cum-political-celebrity : I sat next to her once. Thought she was beautiful. And she`s very happy in Alaska, and I hope she`ll stay there.”

Such a graceful insult! And conveniently for Barbara it distracts from the whole Fetus in a Jar” news of two weeks ago.

The interview airs tonight on CNN. If we’re lucky the producers will cue up INXS as they pan out to commercial. Beautiful girl, stay ( with me) in Alaska .