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Why Is This Scandalous?

Hanna , I have to say that I believe the Gawker story about Christine O’Donnell getting drunk and making out with a dude. The pictures do seem pretty touchy-feely, and the way he describes her self-confidence dovetails with the O’Donnell we see on the campaign trail.  Most importantly, if you’re going to make up a story about a hook-up, you’d say you went all the way.  I do believe that’s in the Douchebag Handbook, in chapter 5: “Chicks, Bro”.

My question is why on earth did Gawker run this pointless story?  Scratch that.  I know why-for the hits.  But do they actually think this discredits her in any way?  The person who looks bad is the guy sexist enough to slam a woman for being “aggressive”, blames her pubic hair to cover up what many of us might otherwise describe as a hydraulics failure, and use the word “cougar” without a whiff of irony.

And if we’re supposed to be scandalized because O’Donnell is wearing a short skirt with her ladybug costume, well, I have to point out that what she’s wearing is practically a nun’s habit compared with some ladybug costumes that are being pushed as appropriate fall weather clothing for Halloween.

I agree with you, Rachael . If O’Donnell owns this and smacks down the anonymous writer for this, it will probably work out well for her. (As Hanna points out, she’s already got NOW backing her.) And I think she’s well within her rights to out the author by name, since he told the world what she looks like naked.

Photograph by Chip Somodevilla for Getty Images.