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We’re Talking About: Hillary Clinton as VP and Republicans on Reality TV

– In a CNN interview, reporter Bob Woodward speculates that President Obama will replace Vice President Biden with Secretary Clinton in the 2012 election. [ Politico ]

Anna Davies , who for years has written about her sex life, is hanging up the towel ; the cost of sharing her stories has outweighed the benefits, she has realized. [ Salon ]

Republicans have embraced reality TV as a way to promote their agendas and even increase their visibility. [ Los Angeles Times ]

–While on her book tour, Meghan McCain discovered that the media’s obsession with Sarah Palin bordered on fetishization and that Mama Grizzly herself was none too pleased with the young McCain or her book. [ The Daily Beast ]

– New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and his Republican opponent, Carl Paladino , are divided on more than just their platforms –their personal styles wildly diverge. [ Wall Street Journal ]