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We’re Talking About: Ann Coulter, Sex-Ed, and Helen Mirren’s Inspiration

-The new Ann Coulter : The self-proclaimed “right-wing Judy Garland ” in the age of the Tea Party. [ New York Times ]

-Rich, famous, beautiful, and beaten: The Daily Beast talks to those who have it all, including domestic abuse. [ Daily Beast ]

- Tina Brown and Arianna Huffington’s hilarious response to the “breaking news” of their longstanding rivalry. [ Daily Beast ]

-“For a mascot (most of these books have a mascot), a tiny, naked, bald homunculus who walks around with an erection.” From sweet to syphilis: Jill Lepore surveys sex-ed books . [ The New Yorker ]

-Would you like an oatmeal cookie with your death sentence? Helen Mirren says she based her latest character, a gun-toting ex C.I.A. operative, on Martha Stewart . [ New York Times ]

Photograph of Helen Mirren by Caroline Bonarde Ucci for Wikimedia Commons.