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We’re Talking About: Tyler Clementi, Abstinence-Only Sex Education, and Bill Clinton and Sarah Palin’s Face-off

- Tyler Clementi was a Rutgers freshman who committed suicide after his roommate shared Webcam videos of Clementi having sex with another man. Where should the law step in? Follow the debate . [ New York Times ]

- Later this month Bill Clinton and Sarah Palin will be campaigning at the same time in Orange County, Calif. Whose events would you attend? [ Politico ]

- Abstinence-only sex education is finally seeing a change : Federal funding is backing sex education without an abstinence-only rule for the first time in a decade. [ Breitbart ]

- Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney Masha Saeidi-Azcuy tried to get the best of both worlds by keeping her job while participating as a contestant on Donald Trump’s The Apprentice . What will happen when the Trump tells her ” you’re fired !”? [ NYPost ]

- Can you still “love your neigbor” if you find out they’re a Tea Partier? [ Washington Post ]

- Weight-loss surgery is seeing a rise with a slightly different demographic : teens. [ Daily Beast ]

Photograph of Bill Clinton by Brian Harkin for Getty Images.