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We’re Talking About: The GOP’s Soft Spot for Bill Clinton and Katherine Heigl’s Image Problem

-Republicans have clearly forgotten about the whole Monica Lewinsky thing: Many of them are speaking approvingly of Bill Clinton . Sean Hannity recently referred to him as “good old Bill”. [ New York Times ]

- Post-election trials are set for two ethical violations of two democrats: Charles Rangel of New York and Maxine Waters of California. [ Washington Post ]

- Samantha Geimar was thirteen years old when Roman Polanski had “unlawful sex” with her. She said on Larry King Live last night , “I am happy they didn’t extradite him. I don’t want to see him go to trial.” [ CNN ]

- Gabrielle Gifford ‘s upward trajectory might be starting to fall : what will this mean for Democrats? [ Daily Beast ]

-Puttenham, England has become known for more than being the lovely English countryside: it’s become a quick stop for public sex , an act which is legal in the UK. [ New York Times ]

-The Sister Wives family will face trial in Utah for bigamy charges. This is the first time a family has been prosecuted for charges of bigamy without subsequent charges for more serious crimes. [ TMZ ]

- Katherine Heigl said in an interview promoting her latest film that she is aware of her “image problem” . [ Gawker ]

Photograph of Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush with sportscasters Howie Long and Jimmy Johnson by Frank Micelotta for Getty Images.