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We’re Talking About: Sharron Angle’s Fundraising Streak, Snuggies, and Halle Berry’s New Movie

-Although Republican Carl Paladino and Democrat Andrew Cuomo are embracing women’s causes in their campaigns, they still rely on strikingly few women as key advisers. [ New York Times ]

- What is going on with the Tea Party ? With about a week to go until Election Day, several candidates are either locked in statistical ties with their Democratic opponents or sinking in the polls. [ Politico ]

- Nevada Republican Senate nominee Sharron Angle continued her red-hot fundraising streak , taking in $3.5 million in about two weeks. [ Politico ]

- Snuggies (those convenient but silly-looking blankets with sleeves) may look a little frumpy, but with a little imagination, they can be hotter than lingerie in the bedroom. [ Newser ]

- Halle Berry may be on her way to her second Oscar with her performance in the upcoming movie Frankie & Alice , in which she stars as a woman with multiple personalities. [ New York Magazine ]

Photograph of Sharron Angle by Getty Images.