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We’re Talking About: Sarah Palin’s Reality Show and Tony Blair’s Bad Sex Writing Award

-U.N.-backed trooops in the Congo have been accused of raping and murdering as many as 300 civilians. [ The Guardian ]

-In Nevada, Sharron Angle and Harry Reid are running campaigns with a clash of philosophies : Angle is the Tea Party hero and Reid is the face of the Democratic establishment. [ New York Times ]

- Sen. Barbar Boxer is pulling the ” abortion card ” in her campaign against Carly Fiorina . A Republican California analyst says, “Boxer is a very talented politician, but her single greatest skill is running against pro-life opponents.” [ Politico ]

-TLC has just released the trailer for Sarah Palin ‘s reality show Sarah Palin’s Alaska . [ Daily Intel ]

-How are libertarians going to vote this season? According to a libertarian at the Daily Beast, Sharron Angle is the way to go, but Christine O’Donnell and Carl Paladino are too much to handle. [ The Daily Beast ]

- Tony Blair ‘s best-selling autobiography A Journey is in the running for the bad sex writing award by the Literary Review in England. [ The Guardian ]

Photograph of Sharron Angle and Harry Reid at a Nevada debate by Pool for Getty Images.