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We’re Talking About: Sarah Palin’s Message, Sharron Angle’s New Ad, and Killer Heels

- In a brief interview with CNN shortly after a rally for the Tea Party Express in Reno, Nev., Sarah Palin stated that without the Tea Party, the GOP will be “through.” [ Politico ]

- Continuing a line of attack she trotted out at a debate last week, Republican Sharron Angle has come up a new television ad that goes after Sen. Harry Reid’s personal finances. [ Politico ]

- Has Pixar returned to its male monopoly? The only female director on board (Brenda Chapman), who was going to write and direct the 2012 movie Brave , has reportedly been replaced by Mark Andrews. [ New York magazine ]

- All but two members of the female CEO elite at big U.S. businesses have one other thing in common: They are also mothers. [ Wall Street Journal ]

- Models are falling on runways left and right, because the killer heels they have to wear have become higher than ever. [ The Daily Beast ]

Photograph of Sarah Palin by Getty Images.