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We’re Talking About: Midterm Polls, Rising Tuition Costs, and President Obama on The Daily Show

- Tuesday’s CNN poll showed that Republican candidate Sharron Angle ‘s chances may be improving in Nevada, but GOP Senate odds as a whole have dropped. [ New York Times ]

- President Obama made an appearance on The Daily Show on Wednesday and told host Jon Stewart he never promised transformational change overnight. “It was change you can believe in but were going to have to work for it.” [ New York Times ]

- According to Christine O’Donnell , radio is radio, and television should be something entirely different. The Tea Party candidate threatened to sue a Delaware radio station for not turning over a videotape of an interview with the Republican Senate nominee. [ Politico ]

- As their state financing has dwindled, four-year public universities have increased their tuition and fees almost 8 percent this year, but those fast-rising tuition costs were accompanied by a huge increase in federal financial aid. [ New York Times ]

- California Republican Senate nominee Carly Fiorina was released from the hospital Wednesday afternoon and will return to the campaign trail today. [ Politico ]

Photograph of Barack Obama and Jon Stewart at The Daily Show by Getty Images.