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We’re Talking About: Linda McMahon’s Challenge, Celebrity Journalism, and Christine O’Donnell

- With only three weeks left to Election Day, Connecticut’s Republican Senate nominee Linda McMahon is facing a major obstacle in her quest for a seat: female voters who are turned off by her campaign. [ New York Times ]

- A feisty, aggressive Christine O’Donnell called her Democrat opponent Chris Coons a Marxist during a nationally televised debate on Wednesday night. [ New York Times ]

- A new study has found that “sexually agressive” men have trouble remembering whether a woman has rejected their advances. [ Jezebel ]

- Health specialists are vouching for easy-to-grasp nutrition information on food packages that emphasizes on the nutrients most responsible for obesity and chronic diseases. [ New York Times ]

-Is reading about celebrities good for your health? A recent award-winning paper found that celebrity journalism may be an underappreciated way to communicate health messages. [ University of Missouri ]

Photograph of Linda McMahon by Getty Images.