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We’re Talking About: Hurricane Sarah, James Franco’s Book Debut, and Famous Bras

- Sarah Palin wreaks havoc on Republican campaign logistics and planning by refusing to do certain events or backing out at the last moment, earning herself a not so flattering nickname: Hurricane Sarah. [ Politico ]

- President Barack Obama is reaching out to female voters , which is perhaps the most important bloc in the Democratic base. [ Politico ]

- New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg thinks Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand looks “stunning” in Vogue. [ New York Magazine ]

- Michelle Obama is a well-known trend-setter. But did you know that the first lady’s fashion choices seem to move stock markets, too? [ New York Times ]

- James Franco ‘s fiction debut, Palo Alto , a collection of short stories, has strongly divided the book critics. [ Jezebel ]

- Remember Madonna ‘s cone bra from the Blonde Ambition tour or the red bra Gisele Bündchen wore in a Victoria’s Secret fashion show? Besides being beautiful, these bras have one more thing in common: They’re incredibly expensive. [ The Daily Beast ]

Photograph of James Franco by Getty Images.