The XX Factor

Todd Is Pissed

An Alaska blog published some leaked e-mails between Todd Palin and the campaign of Alaskan Senate candidate Joe Miller, whom Palin endorsed. Palin is complaining that after his wife’s endorsement, Miller failed to defend her in kind, telling a TV interviewer that he did not know if Palin was qualified to be president.

There is a lot to object to in Todd Palin’s general attitude in this e-mail: the thin skin, the pettiness, the assertion that anything short of a full endorsement of Sarah for the highest office is an outrage. The fact that, as Todd writes, Sarah spends an entire morning writing one Facebook post.

But what’s killing me is the spelling. Call me a snob, but one thing a family with a strong sense of entitlement to the White House should possess is a basic mastery of the English language. So, a brief tutorial: “Facebook” is one word, not two.  Random words in the middle of a sentence are rarely capitalized. Commas and periods serve different purposes. And you don’t put yourself in someone’s “shoe’s.”\

Photograph of Todd and Sarah Palin by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.