The XX Factor

Outrage of the Week: Female Minstrelsy

From the “You GOTTA Be Freakin’ Kidding Me!” Department: Some “clinic” in Estonia hired two pretty (and, of course, blonde) chicks to parade around together publicly wearing T-shirts that actually read “Before” and “After.” Before and after what, you ask? Why, liposuction of course . Before-chick is round and curvy. Kittenish as hell. After-chick is skinny. That’s all. Not more attractive. Just skinny.

Let’s just pick one of the very many things that’s so heinous about this: What is the deal with Before-chick? Why on earth did she agree to this, to proclaim to the world that she understands and accepts her body as so ugly that it requires expensive medical invasion? Times may well be hard in Estonia, but this hard? After-chick is a traitor to her gender–and her self–as well, but she couldn’t play her role without a willing Before.

This is a female minstrelsy, plain and simple. Sure, the people who offer you money to engage in minstrelsy, or who come to watch you do so, are wrong, but not as wrong as the minstrels.

One can only hope that they didn’t realize how masochistic and humiliating this “enterprise” would be before they accepted the gig. God help us if they don’t think so now.