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Nancy Pelosi: Bring on the Attacks

It’s as if Nancy Pelosi has read The Game , or, you know, been on a playground before: They only neg you because they like you. Over the years, the speaker of the House has been the target of a number of fairly vicious Republican attacks, including being called a “mentally retarded woman” (a Coulter-issued slight, obvs). But Pelosi takes comfort in insults, as she told an audience during a dinner for Fortune magazine’s “Most Powerful Women Summit,” her job “requires donning suit of armor” and that if “no one’s talking about you, you have to wonder what you were doing. I view that as a highest compliment, that they want to take us down.” Amen . Now someone incorporate this wisdom in a book about surviving adolescence.

In light of her well-adjusted attitude towards insults, I’m guessing Pelosi enjoyed the Family Guy premiere on Sunday? Rush Limbaugh guest-starred and called Pelosi a crackhead. Brian later storms into her D.C. office right as she’s pulling out her pipe. Clip time .

Photograph of Nancy Pelosi by Jemal Countess for Getty Images.