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Slate ‘s chief political writer John Dickerson poses this question: Which first lady said this? The current one, the last one, or every one…

[T]his isn’t something I do very often.  As a self-described Mom-in-Chief, my first priority in the White House has been making sure that my girls are happy and healthy and adjusting to this new life.  Like every parent I know, my children are the center of my world.  My hopes for their future are at the heart of every single thing I do.  And that’s really why I’m here today.  You see, more than anything else, I come at this as a mom.  When I think about the issues facing our nation, I think about what it means for my girls…and I think about what it means for the world we’re leaving for them and for all our children.  As I travel around this country, and look into the eyes of every single child I meet, I see what’s at stake.  I see it in the child whose mom has just lost her job and worries about how her family will pay the bills.  I see it in the child whose dad has just been deployed and tries so hard to be brave for his younger siblings.  I see it in the child stuck in a crumbling school, who looks around and wonders, What does this mean for my future? That’s how I see the world.  And I think that’s how most folks see the world.  That’s something that we all share…that regardless of where we’re from…or what we look like…or how much money we have…we all want to leave something better for our kids.