The XX Factor

Goodbye Animal House

A bunch of Yale fraternity pledges were running around the campus chanting , “No means yes! Yes means anal!” and “My name is Jack, I’m a necrophiliac, I f— dead women.” In response, the Yale Women’s Center held a meeting with some Delta Kappa Epsilon members, who acknowledged that chanting about raping live women and having sex with dead ones could be considered offensive and dutifully apologized. The Women’s Center hopes to have more discussions with the fraternity boys because, as the Yale Daily News reported, “the Center does not want to be antagonistic and wants to collaborate with DKE and others to help make Yale’s sexual culture more respectful.” Women of Yale, I say forget the productive dialogue and get antagonistic. Call for a suspension of DKE. Actually, where are the adults here? Why hasn’t the administration already taken action?

I opposed the firing of the idiot Rick Sanchez over his stupid remarks about Jews. I also would be against seeking out the boys (yes, boys) for individual punishment who went around campus pretending to be big men. But I have a strong suspicion these DKE pledges already understand that their chants were beyond the bounds of any acceptable frat antics. Presumably they would know that they couldn’t run around campus in KKK hoods, or shout amusingly about lynching. When you go to the DKE Web site –the frat was founded at Yale and boasts both George Bushes–you see that frequently the chapters at other colleges die from inactivity or bad behavior. The chapter went dark at Brown and Dartmouth a generation ago for hazing. Last year, the University of Mississippi slapped a four year suspension on DKE for hazing. In Animal House Dean Wormer put Delta on a double secret probation. Come on, Yale, punish your own Animal House.