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Christine O’Donnell’s New Ad Riffs on the Bed Intruder Song

Typically, viral video culture is not a politician’s best friend. Perhaps you remember last month’s favorite video du temps in which the GOP candidate for Stark Country treasurer, Phil Davidson, delivered a cringe-worthy half-screaming, half-crying stump speech that made him an overnight laughingstock? The ultimately unsuccessful small-town Republican didn’t even know what YouTube was before his viral fame . Though now that he kind of understands the “electronic server,” he can enjoy a plethora of “Davidson speech” remixes and mashups .

The Web hasn’t treated Christine O’Donnell with particular kindness, either. It drudged up her anti-masturbation diatribe , as well as her unfortunate admission on Bill Maher about her youthful dabble in the darker arts . Now it seems like O’Donnell has decided to fight meme with meme. Her new attack ad against Democratic opponent Chris Coons frames him as the bed intruder character from viral star Antoine Dodson’s infamous news appearance-cum-Internet song . The ad riffs: “Hide Your Will … Hide Your Lights … Cuz He’s Taxing Everything Out Here.” See, it’s not like O’Donnell wants to revert the health care bill or set women’s rights back 40 years. She’s totally cool and with the times!

As Irin Carmon on Jezebel puts it, “Her new ad repurposes Antoine Dodson’s words about his sister’s attempted rape to discuss taxes and cell phone charges.” Stay tuned for the Autotuned version?