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Advice for Christine O’Donnell: Channel Krystal Ball

Having read the Gawker account of one man’s one-night non-stand with Christine O’Donnell, I have some advice for the GOP’s Senate candidate for Delaware: Go full-on Krystal Ball in your response (well, maybe not all the umbrage-taking). Stand up and say, “Yeah, I had a few drinks and tried to pick up a man. So what?”

Real Clear Politics has you trailing Chris Coons by 18 points .  There’s probably nothing that’s going to help you overcome that deficit. So use your last moments in the spotlight to stand up for yourself.

Because what Gawker did was pretty low. They printed an anonymous account from a man who made needless attacks on your intimate behavior (and, well, grooming) but in the end, he admits nothing happened. Like my colleague Hanna Rosin , I don’t really get the whole “born-again virgin” concept, but hey, that’s your story and, as this guy’s story shows, you’re sticking to it. He didn’t accuse you of having sex with him while touting the evils of sex before marriage . There’s no hypocrisy, you didn’t do anything illegal, and you didn’t hurt anyone.

But don’t rail against Gawker for being part of the “lamestream media” hellbent on destroying conservatives-they might have stooped to new depths, but it’s five days before an election and they know this is going to get some clicks.  Instead, make Gawker look silly for running such a non-story.