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We’re Talking About: Mosques, Boobies, and Bad Teachers

-Conservative U.S. Christian group Focus on the Family prepares to roll out an abstinence education program in China’s Yunnan Province. [ Washington Post ]

-After the Los Angeles Times created a quantitative consumer guide to city teachers, policy experts are questioning whether this kind of test score-based accountability really helps children. [ New York Times ]

-Some say that the ” I heart boobies ” campaign reduces cancer victims to individual diseased body parts. Is it OK to objectify women in the service of breast cancer awareness? [ Salon ]

-According to a recent poll , two-thirds of New Yorkers want the planned Islamic community center and mosque to be built farther away from the World Trade Center site. [ New York Times ]

-Have British tabloids finally gone too far? Britain’s News of the World reportedly hacked into the voice-mail messages of Princes Harry and William. [ New York Times Magazine ]